Garuda Voted as the Airline with Best Food in Asia Pacific

Airline Food

Jakarta – Besides service, another thing that tourists review from airlines is the food. From this viewpoint, an award for the most delicious airline food in Asia Pacific was born. It turned out, Garuda came out as a winner.

The global travelling website, Skyscanner, who routinely hold surveys, was back with a poll. This time, it was themed the Airline Food Awards 2012.

“Airline foods usually becomes one of the reasons why tourists don’t like to flying, especially long distance,” remarked Ira Noviani, Skyscanner’s Market Manager for Indonesia, on their release to detikTravel, Monday (14/1/2013).

There were three categories that were judged: Low Cost Carriers, Short-Distance Flights and Long-Haul Flights.

This survey was conducted on 200 bloggers and international tourists from across the Asia Pacific region. To complement this, Skyscanner also did a complementary survey on 1,500 international tourists.

All of the respondents were asked about the in-flight food. A couple of criteries were also brought up; taste, serving, menu choice, and specifically for budget airlines: cost.

Apparently from 23 airlines, Garuda Indonesia came out as the winner. The national airline managed to take the competition from its competitors, which were Korean Air, Singapore Airlines, AirAsiaX and AirChina, who were among the top 5.

Moreover, Garuda Indonesia came on the top 5 for long-haul and short-distance flight categories. Garuda came in second for the Short-Distance flight, while coming in first for the long-haul flight.

Meanwhile, for Low Cost Carrier category, Tiger Airways came in first place. It beat four of its competitors: Scoot (Singapore), AirAsia, Jeju Air (South Korea), and Spring Airlines from China.

In the Short-Distance Flight category, Singapore Airlines managed to come in first. Garuda came in second while Korean Air, Philippine Airlines and China Southern came in third, fourth and fifth respectively.

Other than airlines with the best food, around 54% of the respondents believed that generally, the quality of in-flight dining have increased.

“The quality of in-flight dining have increased, along with the airline’s belief that the taste impacts directly towards charming passengers,”, Ira remarked.

Below are the winners for the Skyscanner Asia Pacific Airline Food Awards 2012:

Top 5 – Low Cost Carrier Category:

  1. Tiger Airways
  2. Scoot
  3. Air Asia
  4. Jeju Air
  5. Spring Airlines

Top 5 Short-Distance Flight Category:

  1. Singapore Airlines
  2. Garuda Indonesia
  3. Korean Air
  4. Philippine Airlines
  5. China Southern

Top 5 Long-Haul Flight Category:

  1. Garuda Indonesia
  2. Korean Air
  3. Singapore Airlines
  4. Airasia X
  5. Air China

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