Greetings from Aerowisata,

We express our highest appreciation to all stakeholders who have been supporting and using Aerowisata Group services so that we can continue to maintain and strive for the best performance and achievement. The confidence and loyalty that has been given so far has brought Aerowisata Group still able to survive from the tight competition. The year of 2018 is the year to establish the vision of Aerowisata Group as Hospitality Corporation with the synergy that becomes way of life 5 (five) business line that is: Foodservice, Hotels, Travel,  Transportation and Logistics which together constantly improve service quality and develop products and efforts to meet the expected needs.

In Attempts to achieve World Class Hospitality Corporation in 2020, Aerowisata Group prepares itself with various business transformation programs in 2017 to deal with 3 (three) major challenges namely; Enviromental Sustainability related to concern for environmental safety and sustainability. Aerowisata Group handles it through the 3R Program (Ringkas, Rapi, Resik), handling hazardous chemicals, to waste processing technology properly and correctly.

Next is Digital Tourism as the implementation of Aerowisata Group strategy to seize global market in online service transaction competition following digital market place platform of tourism ecosystem into a digital market that bring buyers and sellers, agents, accommodations and every need directly followed by Optimization Report CO and changes to the Profit Centre Area (PCA) & Cost centre Area (CCA) to meet the business needs for a more robust and sharper reporting output.

The third is Institutional or Regulation, which is optimizing the tourism industry as a leading sector that can provide income and income opportunities are growing quite well, which 2018 year became the largest foreign exchange contributor with a value of 223 trillion from 18 million tourists. In addition, on an ongoing basis, the upgrading of Human Resources expertise associated with the Code of Conduct continues to be encouraged through the implementation of GCG which is always upgraded to support the consolidation of the Aerowisata Group’s Vision.

Finally, we thank to all those who have supported Aerowisata Group and we will continue to provide the best service and performance for the common good.

Bambang Sujatmiko