Inauguration of Aerojasa Cargo New Warehouse

Oktober 26, 2018
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May 15, 2018 – Tangerang, Located in Tangerang Jurumudi, PT Aerojasa Cargo (AJC) inaugurated a new Warehouse to meet the growing demand for Cargo and logistics. The inauguration of this new warehouse is one of the real forms of synergy in the Aerowisata Group environment, between AJC and PT Aerotrans Services Indonesia, by optimizing existing land assets into operational warehouses.

In his opening remarks when inaugurating the new warehouse, Director of PT Aero Wisata Bapak Gatot Satriawan said that the business in the logistics industry currently has a very large market share both in Indonesia and in the world, and shows rapid growth every year. Therefore, the inauguration of this warehouse is the completeness of the facilities required by PT Aerojasa Cargo in preparing to take a role in it.

Similarly, the remarks from AJC President Director, Mr. Febiantori, “by continuing to increase cooperation and synergy, AJC business will grow better and better from the service aspect, income and eventually can achieve profit.

The previous warehouse only has a building area of ​​72 m2 and able to accommodate a load of 4 tons, while the new warehouse is 432 m2 and able to accommodate goods and cargo as much as 26 tons.

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