Over the last four decades, Aerowisata through PT Aerofood Indonesia (Aerofood ACS) has been providing five-star service for more than forty domestic and international airlines.


Through Prama, Kila, and Asana networking system throughout Indonesia, Aerowisata Hotels has been providing service with local hospitality value since 1974.


Providing the optimum travel services in collaboration with various well-known travel associations such as IATA, PATA, AFTA, JATA, and ASITA.


Cooperating with Garuda Indonesia for the last 30 years, Aerotrans ensures your transportation needs are met optimally.


Whatever your need about logistics, Aeroexpress will help you deliver it to your preferred destination in a mint condition.


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Established since 1973 as a subsidiary of PT Garuda Indonesia (Persero) Tbk, Aerowisata has always carried passion and high commitment in providing the best service in the fields Foodservice, Hotels, Travel, Transportation and Logistics for more than 48 years.





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Dear Honorable Shareholders and Stakeholders of Aerowisata,

Assalamu'alaikum Wr Wb, Peace be upon us all, Om swastiastu, Namo buddhaya, Best Greetings
Alhamdulillah, we would like to extend our praises and gratitude to Allah, the Almighty God, that we are still blessed with the strength, health and ability to run the company's business in order to achieve the goals together.

As we all understand, the Covid-19 pandemic had a devastating and tremendous impact throughout the world, including Indonesia. Almost all aspects of economic life covering various aspects of business could not function normally, could not operate properly, and even stagnated or discontinued.

The global and national economic crisis as a result of these challenges brought a severe impact on the aviation industry and the supporting businesses that are part of and related to it. Aerowisata Group as one of the players in the Hospitality Industry business sector was also affected and suffered losses.

Several strategic efforts and steps were carried out from comprehensive evaluation in the corporate side to employee management, including business improvement, manpower arrangement, liquidation, divestment or merging of several business lines as well as efficiency; these strategies was essential to be implemented, both in terms of cost control and organization streamlining.

It was the support and hard work of all Aerowisata Group personnel and the trust of shareholders and stakeholders that Aerowisata Group was able to adapt and run the company's business through various business strategies while also implementing Good Corporate Governance (GCG). Praise God that through self-assessment, in 2021 Aerowisata received a GCG score of 89,412 in the "Very Good" predicate category.

In addition, Aerowisata also continued to commit to share with people in need through sustainable Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities and in 2021 managed to receive the TOP CSR Awards 2021 #star 3, the “Good” level category in Company's CSR Policy and Governance System.

Currently, all resources and efforts are focused solely on maintaining the company's business continuity, in accordance with the Government's Group of Twenty G20 in 2022’s theme "Recover Together, Recover Stronger" in which we must remain confident that there is a future and must continue to move forward to achieve the future. We must believe, that in the common strength there is goodness and improvement that will be gained in every journey.

All Directors, Management and Personnel of the Aerowisata group would like to thank and give the highest appreciation to all shareholders and stakeholders for their support and trust in Aerowisata Group's products and services. We will continue to create innovation and creativity to meet expectations and provide the best service for this country.

May the New Year of 2022 gives a new awakening of spirit, grows many new hopes and brings new achievements. Stay alert when leaving the house, take care of your health, maintain a healthy lifestyle and be disciplined in obeying health protocols at anyplace.

Warm greetings from us. May Allah, the Almighty God always gives strength and protects every effort to achieve the goal that we will hopefully reach together. Amen.

Wassalamualaikum Wr Wb

Beni Gunawan
President Director

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