CSR Aerowisata Group 2018 “Caring Hospitality for UKM (Small Medium Enterprises) Culinary”

October 26, 2018
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Jakarta, August 23rd 2018 – Aerowisata Group (Foods, Hotels, Travel, Transportation & Logistics) in partnership with Aviation College (STP Aviasi) held Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities with the theme of community development and environmental care entitled “Hospitality Care for Culinary SMEs” on August 23, 2018. This time, the event invite 100 food stalls and UKM culinary operators in Jabodetabek to attend hygiene, sanitation and hospitality counseling at the STP Aviasi Pancoran hall and visiting kitchen facilities for Aerofood ACS flights in Cengkareng.

The activity was opened by the Young Marshal of the Indonesian Armed Forces (Ret.) Prijadi Rahardjo, S.IP., MM as the Chairperson of Aviation STP who welcomed the participants, followed by a speech from Mrs. Taviana Dewi K as VP Cororate Secretary of Aerowisata. The next series of events are counseling and questions about:
1. Extension of hygiene, food sanitation delivered by Mr. M. Fatchoelqorib
2. Counseling on Hygiene and Sanitation in the Catering and hospitality industries in the culinary industry delivered by Ms. Nuryulianti from Aerofood ACS
3. The third speaker from Aerowisatahotels was delivered by Mr. Hadi Sutrisno, discussing Hospitality including Grooming Standard and Courtesy.

After counseling, all participants headed to cengkareng using bus provided by Aerowisata transport, a subsidiary of Aerowisata in the in the transportation field. Upon arrival at Aerofood ACS, the participants were welcomed by Mr. Gatot Satriawan as Director of Aerowisata and Aerowisata Group’s Board of Directors. “Aerowisata Group and STP Aviasi believe that the togetherness of CSR implementation this time will provide an increase in knowledge and understanding that will provide good for the long term to Mr. and Mrs. culinary SMEs in Jabodetabek. All that is obtained today is expected to be a motivation for the business progress being carried out, so that it will grow and become even better. “Said Mr. Gatot Satriawan in his remarks.

The participants were very enthusiastic to see the flight support kitchen that was so wide and gained knowledge about the application of hygiene and sanitation in the flight catering industry, plus it could taste the food products produced by Aerofood ACS.

The program was more complete and interesting with the holding of quizzes with Aerotravel and Aerologistics merchandise prizes for participants who could answer questions about Aerowisata. CSR activities are closed with the participation certificate and sharing session session.

Hopefully the knowledge and experience shared by Aerowisata Group and Aviation College can be useful and applied by participants for a more advanced culinary business and create more jobs for the community.

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